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sherni movie story review and update?

A new DFO (Divisional Forest Officer) has joined in a forested area of ​​Madhya Pradesh.  There is a fear of a tigress in the village.  Villagers are dying.  The challenge with the new DFO is to save the tigress as well as the villagers.  She also struggles in this battle of man versus jungle and also shows lioness as a woman in ‘Men Ki Duniya’.

Vidya Vincent (Vidya Balan) is a combative and serious forest officer about her work.  He hasn’t got a promotion for nine years.  After working at the desk for six years, he finally got a field job in the jungles of Bijaspur.  There are many challenges before him between the village and the forest.  In personal life, she is struggling with problems.  Mother-in-law and mother want a child from him.  Vidya tells husband Pawan (Mukul Chadha) over a video chat that she is not seeing any growth in her work and is thinking of resigning.  The husband tells that he should not do this, as there is no stability in his corporate job due to Corona.  Husband lives in Mumbai.

In many ways, Vidya’s story is scattered at both the personal and professional ends.  She is the only female officer in a male dominated forest department.  His colleagues try to make him look weak on many occasions.  Whereas Vidya does her work with full commitment.  She knows her duty and does not hesitate to fulfill it anywhere.  Meanwhile, the fear of a tigress, identified as T12, looms large in the village.  After the forest there are fields and then the forest.  Due to this structure, this tigress comes near the fields and starts hunting.  Humans want to get rid of the tigress considering it as their territory.  Villagers say that it is normal for tigers to pass through their fields like this.  But in the race for development, the grasslands have been destroyed and in such a situation they are forced to go to the forest to feed their animals.  There are also some local politicians in the story, who are only concerned with winning elections.  He considers the tigress an enemy and wants to kill her.  While Vidya wants to save the tigress in the midst of all this.


Vidya’s boss Bansal (Brajendra Kala) is also in the midst of this whole exercise.  He just has to get rid of it.  from problems.  from this village.  He is also in the process of getting transferred.  Shooter Rajan Rajhans (Sharat Saxena) is also called amidst preparations to save or kill the tigress.  But Vidya wants to save the tigress.  She wants to send him back to the forest.  Some villagers also support Vidya.  Another senior officer Nangia (Neeraj Kabi) enters.  Professor Hassan Noorani (Vijay Raj) also helps Vidya in the college.  Some other big politicians come.  Everyone is looking for the tigress in the forest.  The only difference is that most want to kill him, while some want to save him.


Director Amit Masurkar has weaved a complex story depicting the beautiful jungle.  He dives deep into this man vs beast fight.  Aastha Tikku has carefully laid out the screenplay in full detail.  It not only shows Vidya’s mind and her desire, but along with the functioning of the department, it has also tried to explain how the village and the forest are related to each other.

Cinematographer Rakesh Haridas’s camera has done an amazing job.  Anish John’s sound design also accompanies the camera.  The sun setting amidst the dense forest, the chirping of birds, the chirping of insects, the rustle of leaves, the different sounds of birds and animals – all this takes you closer to the forest.  In the film, one of his associates tells Vidya – You can go to the forest 100 times and maybe see a tiger once, but the tiger has seen you 99 times.  This dialogue in itself is enough to tell that humans have entered the forest.  It is the home of animals.  He is the real owner there.  The background score by Benedict Taylor and Naren Chandavarkar adds to the suspense in the story.  There is only one song in the film, which (music from Bandish Project, lyrics by Hussain Hydari) is enough to strike the right chord at the right time.

Vidya Balan once again impresses with her acting on screen.  She may look weak, but her thinking is powerful.  He is calm, but his determination, passion and patience draw you to him.  Vidya does not speak, but her eyes express anger.  Vidya Balan has once again done the work of showing sexism i.e. prejudices about women through this film.  Vijay Raaz, Brijendra Kala, Neeraj Kabi, Sampa Mandal, Sharat Saxena have also done their work effortlessly.  Satyakam Anand also leaves a mark in his character.

As a director Amit Masurkar has been successful in keeping the audience hooked for 2 hours and 10 minutes.  However, the pace of the film slows down in some parts.  But as the hunt for the tigress begins in the film, it sets out on an exciting journey through the jungle trails.  At many places in the film, an attempt has also been made to take sarcasm on the pretext of laughter.  Ultimately, this Masurkar film sends a message about wildlife conservation and maintaining balance in the ecosystem.  ‘Lion’ is an intense film.  is exciting.  It must be seen.  If you have been expecting the roaring movies that are common in Bollywood, then this might leave you disappointed.  The ‘lioness’ has a beauty of its own and she is at ease in that.

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