January 10, 2020

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See Mercedes Benz AVTR The New Tech. Era

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See Mercedes Benz AVTR The New Tech. Era
See Mercedes Benz AVTR The New Tech. Era

See Mercedes Benz AVTR The New Tech. Era

VISION AVTR – inspired by AVATAR.

The car’s name is not only the leading vehicle in the concept of close collaboration in the development of the display car along with the AVATAR team but also for the advanced car transportation. This conceptual vehicle embodies the vision of Mercedes-Benz designers, engineers and trend seekers for mobility in the distant future.

See Mercedes Benz AVTR The New Tech. Era

Extremely confident – and completely without emissions.

With four high-performance, close-to-the-wheel drive electric motors, VISION AVTR embodies a particularly graceful execution of a dynamic luxury saloon. With a combined engine power of more than 350 kW, VISION AVTR sets a new standard for EQ power. Very, very good. The innovative torque-guided all-wheel drive system enables completely new freedoms and ensures top-notheing dynamics while delivering the best possible safety. This means that each wheel can drive separately depending on the driving situation. Because front and rear axles can be driven simultaneously or in opposite ways, VISION AVTR can move almost sideways. 30 degrees, unlike conventional vehicles. The so-called “crab movement” gives the concept car a reptile-like look even in its movement.Mercedes Benz era mobile review.

Exceptional fast charging capability.

See Mercedes Benz AVTR The New Tech. Era

In addition to the high power density — compared to current battery systems of up to 1,200 Watts /L — the technology also impresses with the exceptional speed charging capability of connected automated charging technology. This means that the batter can be fully recharge in less than 15 minutes. The innovative technology also provides maximum flexibility in building space: with a local minimum of 94 mm, the battery adapts perfectly to the concept of a common spacecraft, thereby maximizing the multifunctional interior.Mercedes Benz era mobile review.

With a capacity of about 110 kWh, VISION AVTR offers an electric range of more than 700 miles. Through recovery during operation and braking, the high voltage battery can be recharged more efficiently than the systems in place while driving, thus contributing to the high energy efficiency of the public system.

Intuitive control.

Mercedes benz era  mobile review

The VISION AVTR already responds to the approach of the passengers by visualising the energy and information flow of the environment with digital neurons that flow through the grille through the wheels to the rear area. The first interaction in the interior between man and vehicle happens completely intuitively via the control unit: by placing the hand on the centre console, the interior comes to life and the vehicle recognises the driver by his breathing. This is make visible on the instrument panel and on the user’s hand. The VISION AVTR thus establishes a biometric connection with the driver and increases his awareness of the environment. The digital neurons flow from the interior into the exterior and visualise the flow of energy and information. For example, when driving, the neurons flow over the outside of the vehicle. When changing direction, the energy flows to the corresponding side of the vehicle.

The vehicle as an immersive experience space.

Mercedes Benz era  mobile review

Visual communication between passengers and the outside world is create through a curved display unit, which replaces the traditional dashboard. The outside world around the car and the surrounding area is display in 3D graphics in real time, while showing what’s happening on the road in front of the car. In addition to power lines, these real-time detail images bring interior life to life and allow passengers to discover and interact with the environment in a natural way with different perspectives from the outside world. Three wonders of nature – the Huangshan Mountains in China, the 115-meter-high Hyperion Tree in the United States, and The Pink Hill Hill Hill of Australia – can be explored in detail. Passengers become familiar with many of nature’s forces that do not usually appear to the human eye, such as magnetic fields, bioenergy or ULTRAVIOLET radiation.

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