Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3D Renders Visualise What It Could Look Like

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3D Renders Visualise What It Could Look Like

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3D

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3D

Just the other day, we learned that Samsung’s next foldup could be called Galaxy Z Flip and now we have a pretty nice 3D rendering of what the phone might look like, based on the leaks we’ve had so far. Incidentally, a Samsung phone has also appeared on the 3C certification website in China with the model number SM-F700, which is reported as Galaxy Z Flip, formerly known as Galaxy Bloom.

The Dutch website, LetsGoDigitial, has published some prototype images and a 3D rendering of what the Galaxy Z Flip might look like, based on phone leaks and rumors. The renderings display a squared shell device, when closed, which is similar to the squared silhouette in Samsung’s teaser for its Unpacked event. The hinge mechanism is also similar to the existing Galaxy Fold, because Samsung is likely to be.

The rendering also shows a drill mounted in the center and two cameras at the back. The front half of the shell also shows a very small LCD display, just for the time, date and percentage of the battery. It remains to be seen whether Samsung can actually use this or add a larger screen for chat and email preview. There’s no sign of a fingerprint sensor on the model, so it’s something else we’re going to have to wait for.

Again, we should take it with a big pinch of salt since the rendering is based solely on Samsung’s current design for its Galaxy Fold, some spies and a lot of imagination. It is possible that the final product does not look anything like anything or may have similarities. Anyway, we think the LetsGoDigital team did an amazing job trying to see this incoming phone.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3D

The alleged Samsung Galaxy Z Flip appears on Chinese website 3C.

In other but related news, the alleged Galaxy Z Flip has apparently arrived at the Chinese 3C certification website, as reported by GSMArena. The list shows “Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.” as a manufacturer and an LTE device bearing the model number SM-F700. The list also mentions support for the 15W charger, which means Galaxy Z Flip could support a 15W fast charging.

These are all speculations at this point, however we not have to wait too long to find out how Samsung Unpack is schedule for February 11, before MWC 2020.

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