New Interstitial Templates: Propellerads New Game changer Ad Template

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Welcome to Our website . Today i will tell you my experience with the Propellerads network and how their ad network works.

First of all i introduce you to Propeller ads new interstitial Template and from now you can use it on your website too.

As we know the Propellerads gives a new Interstitial Template to their zone section as given in the image below:

So the question is…………………..

What’s an Interstitial format? 

The interstitial ad format includes a large image, a title, and a description that can be customized. The ad appears above website content with a small delay after a page is loaded.

You can use the format for mobile and desktop traffic.


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How Interstitial Format is different from the other ads format?

In general, interstitials are very accessible. They have a high click-through rate and large eye-catching banners where you can apply all your creative ideas.

1. If you are a dedicated Onclick/Popunder user, you will find the opportunity to bid for CPC really attractive. Producing the same powerful effect on a user, the format gives you the option to spend your ad budget only on those interested and click on ads.

2. Push people will like a much higher CTR, which significantly expands their sales funnel and gives their offer a greater reach.

What to start with? 


Interstitials on mobile work miracles with Utilities, SweepstakesFinance, and iGaming. Expect good results with everything free and exciting: prizes, gift cards, bonuses, free spins, etc. On the desktop, our Interstitial is the king for Extension and Games of all kinds.


The highest conversion rate is currently in the USA (US), Great Britain (GB), Saudi Arabia (SA), Myanmar (MM), Brazil (BR), South Africa (ZA), Malaysia (MY), India (IN)

Huge traffic volumes for scaling are in Mexico (MX), Indonesia (ID), Philippines (PH), Japan (JP), South Korea (KR), Germany (DE), Italy (IT).

 Traffic Prices: 

The min bids for Interstitial traffic are: CPC from $0.001, CPM from $0,01

My Reviews On Interstitial Format :

If i see this format as a Publisher and advertiser both then i like this format the most because of its good quality and the close button just right corner to it . This will give you that if a person is interested in the ad then he will click on it otherwise he won’t. So that it’s good to get the best quality of the customers who are really interested in your product.

As i am using the interstitial ads on my website and it’s good to say that the all going good. And my visitor are very happy to use my website with this Interstitial format.

New Interstitial Templates: Propellerads New Game changer Ad Template -  Mobile Reviews

New Interstitial Templates

The above screenshot of my website you can see and here you can notice interstitial banner ads come on the screen and it looks very attractive.

New Interstitial Templates: Format Overview + Case Study - PropellerAds Blog

My Dashboard and setting of Interstitial ads in Propellerads

I am using interstitial ads of the Propellerads network and the below screenshot gives you the setting which i am using .

New Interstitial Templates: Propellerads New Game changer Ad Template -  Mobile Reviews


Revenue From my Popellerads:

I got the only impression on Interstitial ads of my website and i got good CPM. You can see in the below image.


Here is the conclusion that if you have a website or app than go to and get the revenue by monetize your website/app with this new format interstitial ads. The CPM and CPC is soo good for this ads.

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