Pokemon Rom Hacks List

A list of pre-patched and tested Pokemon Rom Hacks, available to play on a Game Boy Advance emulator. If you are new to roms, learn how to play them here.
If you find a game you’ve played not in the list, please suggest a hack in the comments section. This might help somebody else out.

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Changelog (see what’s new)

GD = Google Drive
Red Background = New
Purple Background = Series
Shining Text = Popular

If the GD links don’t work, try long press/right click -> Download/Save Link


Pokemon Cloud White 2
Pokemon Aquamarine
Pokemon Unbound
Pokemon Kanlara Ultimate
Pokemon Sevii
Pokemon A Grand Day Out (Completed) (GD)
Pokemon A New Dawn (Alpha 0.2) (GD)
Pokemon Abandoned Ruby (Completed) (GD)
Pokemon Adamantite (GD)
Pokemon Advanced Adventure
Pokemon Advanced Version
Pokemon Adventure Blue Chapter
Pokemon Adventure Green Chapter
Pokemon Adventure Gold Chapter
Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter
Pokemon Adventure to Empire Isle
Pokemon Adventure Yellow Chapter
Pokemon Allworld (Alpha 0.0.2) (GD)
Pokemon Alpha (GD)
Pokemon Altair
Pokemon Altair Minus (25th February, 2021) (GD)
Pokemon Altered
Pokemon Altered Emerald
Pokemon Alternate Evolutions!
Pokemon Alternate Nusantara (INDO) (GD)
Pokemon Aluminum
Pokemon Amarillo Solar (Beta) (S) (GD)
Pokemon Amaryllis
Pokemon Amazing Cortana (Act 2.5) (S) (GD)
Pokemon Ambar (Beta 1) (S) (GD)
Pokemon Amnesia (GD)
Pokemon Ancient (Beta 5) (S) (GD)
Pokemon Ancient Ruby & Sapphire
Pokemon Another Emerald
Pokemon Apollo (Beta 0.3) (GD)
Pokemon Aquamarine
Pokemon Aqua (Beta) (GD)
Pokemon Aqua Blue (Demo) (GD)
Pokemon Aquila (v1.03x) (JP) (GD)
Pokemon Aquila 2 (v0.11) (JP) (GD)
Pokemon Arceus Legend (Alpha 1) (GD)
Pokemon Arcoiris (Final) (S) (GD)
Pokemon Armageddon (Beta) (GD)
Pokemon Artificial Red (v1.1) {Resource} (GD)

Pokemon AshGray

Pokemon Ash Johto
Pokemon Ash Kanto
Pokemon Ash Orange League
Pokemon Ash’s Chapter (Alpha) (GD)
Pokemon Ash’s Quest (Final Fixed) (GD)
Pokemon Ash Journey Part 1 (v2000) (GD)
Pokemon Ash Journey Part 2 (v2000) (GD)
Pokemon Aspera (Beta 1) (GD)
Pokemon Aurora
Pokemon Awesome XD
Pokemon Azotic Fire (Beta 1.0) (GD)
Pokemon Azure Horizons


Pokemon Battleship
Pokemon Battle Fire
Pokemon Battle Labyrinth
Pokemon Battle Ultimate (Completed) (GD)
Pokemon Better Emerald (v1.1) (GD)
Pokemon Beyond (Beta 1.0) (GD)
Pokemon Bidoof Version
Pokemon Black & White Advanced
Pokemon Black Dark (Beta 4) (S) (GD)
Pokemon Black Diamond (GD)
Pokemon Black Orb (Alpha 2) (GD)
Pokemon Black: Special Castle Edition 1 (Goomba) (GD)
Pokemon Black and White 3: Genesis
Pokemon Blackened Night (Alpha 3.1) (GD)
Pokemon Blasting Off/Team Rocket Version (v3.0) (GD)
Pokemon Blast Burn
Pokemon Blazed Glazed
Pokemon Blazing Emerald
Pokemon Blazing Red (Beta 0.1.7) (GD)
Pokemon Blood Burst Yellow Chart 1 (Completed) (CH) (GD)
Pokemon Blue Deluxe (DX) (Hard) (GB) (Beta 1.09 H4) (GD)
Pokemon Blue Emu Edition (v1) (GD)
Pokemon Blue Full Color (v1.2 Gen2 Graphics Patch) (GD)
Pokemon Blue Full Color Open World (commit c5e2812) (GD)
Pokemon Blue Kaizo
Pokemon Blue Legend (Beta 1) (S) (GD)
Pokemon Blue Star
Pokemon Blue Stars (Final) (Pt-Br) (GD)
Pokemon Blue Stars 2 (Final) (Pt-Br) (GD)
Pokemon Blue Upgrade (v2.0) (GB) (GD)
Pokemon Bright Gold (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Bronze
Pokemon Bronze 2
Pokemon Brown
Pokemon Brutal Version (Completed) (GD)
Pokemon Bug Version (Final) (GD)
Pokemon Burning Red (v1.0) (GD)
Pokemon Burning Ruby (GD)


Pokemon Camp Baker (v1.3) (GD)
Pokemon Card GB2: Here Comes Team GR! (English Fan Translation) (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Catastrophe (Beta v0.6) (GD)
Pokemon Cathode (v0.3.2) (S) (GD)
Pokemon CAWPS
Pokemon Celebi’s Return (v1.02) (GD)
Pokemon Celestial (Beta 2) {by Vihar and Spider Man} (GD)
Pokemon Celestium (Beta 1) (GD)
Pokemon Cerice
Pokemon Champions (Beta 8) (GD)
Pokemon Charcoal (r8.2) (GD)
Pokemon Chari & Zard
Pokemon Chaos Black (v3.1 Fixed) (GD)
Pokemon Christmas
Pokemon Chroma
Pokemon Chrome (v0.6) (GD)
Pokemon Chronicles of Soala {Project Spheal}
Pokemon Ciano’s Quest (Beta 1) (ITA) (GD)
Pokemon Cintrine (Final v1.05) (GD)
Pokemon Citrite (Alpha 1.3.1) (GD)
Pokemon Classic 151 (S) (GD)
Pokemon Classified (Alpha) (GD)
Pokemon Clay’s Calamity
Clay’s Calamity I, Clay’s Calamity II, Clay’s Calamity III
Pokemon Clear Ocean (Beta 1) (GD)
Pokemon Climax (Beta 1.2) (IT) (GD)
Pokemon Cloud White
Pokemon Cloud White 2
Pokemon Cloud White 3
Pokemon Clover
Pokemon Cobalt (Beta 1.4) (GD)
Pokemon Cokemon (v1.3) (GB) (GD)
Pokemon Cokemon Gold (v0.3) (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Conversion Emerald (Beta v175) (GD)
Pokemon Coral Version
Pokemon Corona (Hard – 26 June, 2020) (IT) (GD)
Pokemon CosmicEmerald Version
Pokemon Creepy Black (GD)
Pokemon Crimson (Beta 1) (GD)
Pokemon Crono (Beta 2) (GD)
Pokemon Crush (Beta v1.7 English) (GD)
Pokemon Crush (Beta v2 Final) (S) (GD)
Pokemon CrystalDust
Pokemon Crystallos
Pokemon Crystal 2.0 (16th August 2020 release) (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Crystal Advance
Pokemon Crystal Calm Version
Pokemon Crystal Clear
Pokemon Crystal Kaizo
Pokemon Crystal Leaf (v1.1) (MF)
Pokemon Crystal Maeson
Pokemon Crystal Prodigy
Pokemon Crystal Shards (GD)
Pokemon Crystal Shards (Beta 1.2) (S) (GD)
Pokemon Ultimate
Pokemon Crystal Version Emu Edition (v1.3b) (GD)
Pokemon Custom Crystal
Pokemon Cyan


Pokemon Daia (GD)
Pokemon Dardusk (Alpha 0.1) (GD)
Pokemon Dark {by Aryan} (Completed) (GD)
Pokemon DarkBlue (Beta 1) (S) (GD)
Pokemon DarkFire
Pokemon DarkJasper (Beta) (GD)
Pokemon Darkness Falls (v0.11) (GD)
Pokemon Dark Begin (Beta 1) (GD)
Pokemon Dark Cry (Beta 5) (GD)
Pokemon Dark Cry: The Legend of Giratina
Pokemon Dark Crystal (Beta 1.0) (GD)
Pokemon Dark Energy
Pokemon Dark Future (Crystal) (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Dark Graystone
Pokemon Dark Knight (Alpha v1.0) (GD)
Pokemon Dark Realm
Pokemon DarkRising
1, Kaizo, 2, Order Destroyed & Origins: Worlds Collide
Pokemon Dark Rising 1 Mega Version (Completed) (GD)
Pokemon Dark Violet
Pokemon Delta Emerald
Pokemon Delta Fusion (Completed) (GD)
Pokemon Delta Green (Zenos Returns)
Pokemon Demon Island
Pokemon Deneb
Pokemon Derpizard (v1.2) (GD)
Pokemon Derp Emerald (v5.4) (GD)
Pokemon Desert Version
Pokemon Diabound
Pokemon Diamond (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Digimon FireRed (v1) (GD)
Pokemon Digimon: Operation Digipedia (Alpha) (GD)
Pokemon Digimon Virus Version (v5) (GD)
Pokemon Dimension Legends (Demo + fixed grammar) (GD)
Pokemon Dimensiones Alteradas (3rd July 2020) (GD)
Pokemon Discovery (Beta 1 v0.2.1) (GD)
Pokemon Distortion Black (Demo) (GD)
Pokemon DPS Ultimate
Pokemon DR (v1.02) (GD)
Pokemon Drab Conspiracy (Beta 1.4 English Translation) (GD)
Pokemon Dreams
Pokemon Dream Light (Beta 4) (CH) (GD)
Pokemon Dream Seasons (Beta 1.0) (GD)
Pokemon Dreary
Pokemon Dragon Ball Z: Team Training
Pokemon Dragonstone (Alpha 1.63) (GD)
Pokemon Dragonstone 2 (GD)
Pokemon Dying Sun (Beta) (GD)


Pokemon Ebony Phantom (v5.0) (CH) (GD)
Pokemon Eccentric Emerald (v1.41) (GD)
Pokemon Echo Emerald (Early Alpha) (GD)
Pokemon Eclipse
Pokemon Electric Yellow (Completed) (GD)
Pokemon Electro Ball (Alpha 1) (GD)
Pokemon Elegant Emerald (v1.3) (GD)
Pokemon Elemental Rift (Alpha 1) (GD)
Pokemon Elite Quest (Alpha 1) (GD)
Pokemon Emeraldouble (GD)
Pokemon Emerald 802 (v3.0) (CH) (GD)
Pokemon Emerald Advanced
Pokemon Emerald Balanced Edition
Pokemon Emerald Battle Tower Challenge Edition
Pokemon Emerald: Double Edition
Pokemon Emerald Dreams (Alpha 1) (GD)
Pokemon Emerald Enhanced
Pokemon Emerald Epsilon (v2.0) (GD)
Pokemon Emerald Essence
Pokemon Emerald Final (v7.38) (GD)
Pokemon Emerald Genesis
Pokemon Emerald Green (v1.0) (GD)
Pokemon Emerald: Hard Edition (GD)
Pokemon Emerald: Hoenn Dex Edition
Pokemon Emerald Kaizo
Pokemon Emerald Legendary Version (GD)
Pokemon Emerald Lucario (CH) (GD)
Pokemon Emerald Multiplayer
Pokemon Emerald Mystery Magikarp Edition (GD)
Pokemon Emerald: National Dex Edition
Pokemon Emerald: No Levels Mod
Pokemon Emerald Omega (October 24, 2014) (GD)
Pokemon Emerald Party Randomizer Plus
Pokemon Emerald Renewal (10th June 2017 update) (GD)
Pokemon Emerald RTO6 (v1.3) (GD)
Pokemon Emerald Trashlocke Edition
Pokemon Emerald Wally Version
Pokemon Emeraude Plus (v3.0) (FR) (GD)
Pokemon Emoras (v0.65) (KOR) (GD)
Pokemon Eruption (Beta 2.1.6) (GD)
Pokemon Estação HD 2 (Andih) (GD)
Pokemon Estação HD 2 (Furipe) (GD)
Pokemon Eternal Snow
Pokemon Evil Drill (JP) (GD)
Pokemon Evo Yellow (v3.2) (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Evo Yellow Eevee Edition (v3.2) (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Expert Emerald
Pokemon Extra (Beta 1) (GD)
Pokemon Extreme Red


Pokemon Factory Adventure
Pokemon Fantasia (Beta 1 English Patch) (GD)
Pokemon Fakemon FireRed
Pokemon Fat Kid
Pokemon Final Red (Alpha 2.3) (S) (GD)
Pokemon Final Red (Beta 1.7) (S) (GD)
Pokemon FireBurn
Pokemon FireRed 20XX
Pokemon FireRed 251
Pokemon FireRed 800 {Resource} (GD)
Pokemon FireRed 807 Randomized (v1.0) {by J-Steven} {Base} (GD)
Pokemon FireRed 2
Pokemon FireRed A Reboot (Build 8) (GD)
Pokemon FireRed Advanced (v1.2) (GD)
Pokemon FireRed Battle Edition
Pokemon FireRed Extreme Randomizer {by SKR} (GD)
Pokemon FireRed Kalos (Completed) (GD)
Pokemon FireRed Minus
Pokemon FireRed +Plus
Pokemon FireRed Reborn (Pre-Alpha 1.2) (GD)
Pokemon FireRed Redux
Pokemon FireRed Reimagined
Pokemon FireRed Remastered: Oak Edition (May 2nd, 2019) (GD)
Pokemon FireRed Remixed (v02 + Physical/Special split) (GD)
Pokemon FireRed: Rocket Edition
Pokemon FireRed Shiny Flame (GD)
Pokemon FireRed Super-Extra-Nostalgia Edition (Deluxe) (GD)
Pokemon FireRed Ultimate Edition (S) (GD)
Pokemon FireRed VR Missions
Pokemon FireRed Wonder Trade Challenger (GD)
Pokemon FireRed: Wrath of Dark Mewtwo (GD)
Pokemon Fire Blast (v2.0) (GD)
Pokemon Fire Redouble (GD)
Pokemon Fire Red Backwards Edition/ Der Erif (Completed) (GD)
Pokemon Fire Red Evolution (v0.95) (GD)
Pokemon Fire Red: Generations (Beta 1.5a) (GD)
Pokemon Fire Red Legends (v1.11) (GD)
Pokemon Fire Red Mega Edition (v1.01) (GD)
Pokemon Fire Red Missingno (v1.0) (GD)
Pokemon Fire Red Omega (Final Beta) (GD)
Pokemon Fire Red Omega (DX)
Pokemon Fire Red Origins (08-19-16) (GD)
Pokemon Fire Rojo (Completed) (S) (GD)
Pokemon Fire Sun (Final) {Old} (GD)
Pokemon Fire XY (July 3, 2020) (Pt-Br) (GD)
Pokemon Fire Yellow
Pokemon Fiya Red (v2.6) (JP) (GD)
Pokemon Flame Fakemon (Completed) (S) (GD)
Pokemon Flame of Rage (Beta 1) (GD)
Pokemon Flame of Rebirth (Demo) (GD)
Pokemon Flame Red (GD)
Pokemon Flaming FireRed (v1.5) {Discontinued} (GD)
Pokemon Flaming Grace (v1.1) (GD)
Pokemon Flare
Pokemon Flare Red Version
Pokemon Fllare Red (Completed) (GD)
Pokemon Fllare Red 2: The Mist (Beta 2) (GD)
Pokemon Flora Sky (Main + Complement Dex)
Pokemon Flora Sky Rebirth (v12.18 English Translation) (GD)
Pokemon Flora Sky Rebirth (Build v1.0 April 23, 2019) (Pt) (GD)
Pokemon Fluorite
Pokemon Fools Gold
Pokemon FR Advanced Challenge
Pokemon Francium
Pokemon Fresh Silver (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Frigo Returns (v0.2) (GD)
Pokemon Frontier Adventure
Pokemon Frosty (GD)
Pokemon Fuligin
Pokemon Furious Flames (Beta 2.72) (GD)
Pokemon Fused Emerald (Alpha 3) (GD)
Pokemon Fusion 3 (S) (MF)
Pokemon Fusion Origins



Pokemon Gaia

Pokemon Gaia Snagemizer (v3.2) (GD)
Pokemon Galacta (Completed) (GD)
Pokemon Galacta Advanced Mega Version (Completed) (GD)
Pokemon Galaxy Elements (Alpha 0.5) (GD)
Pokemon Garuda (Indo) (GD)
Pokemon Gary Edition (Beta 1) (GD)
Pokemon Gary’s Mod
Pokemon Gastly’s Origins (Beta 3.2) (GD)
Pokemon Generation 1 Remake in Crystal
Pokemon Genesis
Pokemon Ghetto (v1.1) (GD)
Pokemon Giovanni’s Revenge (Beta) (GD)
Pokemon Giratina Strikes Back
Pokemon Giratina’s Legend
Pokemon Glacier (Pre-Beta 0.5) (GD)

Pokemon Glazed

Pokemon Glazed Reborn (v3.9 Mega) (GD)
Pokemon God of Arena
Pokemon Gold 2.0 (16th August 2020 release) (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Gold 97
Pokemon Gold 97: Reforged
Pokemon Gold HardType (v2.0) (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Gold Sinnoh
Pokemon Gold Spaceworld 1997 Demo Debug (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Gold Spaceworld Restoration (v2.1) (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Gold Sunset Horizons
Pokemon Gold Unova
Pokemon Gold Version Emu Edition (GD)
Pokemon Grand Theft Pokemon (v1.2) (ITA) (GD)
Pokemon Grape
Pokemon Grass Jewel
Pokemon Grass Jewel 2
Pokemon Green {by Montblanc} (Patch 2.3) (English) (GD)
Pokemon Green {by ShaneM} (Rev D) (English) (GD)
Pokemon Greninja-Z (Final Version) (GD)
Pokemon GS Chronicles


Pokemon Hard Fire (v2.2) (Fr) (GD)
Pokemon Harvestcraft (v2.0) (GD)
Pokemon Heaven (Beta 4) (GD)
Pokemon Heiwa
Pokemon Hell Red (GD)
Pokemon Hetamon Awesome Version (v3) (GD)
Pokemon Hoenn Adventures (December 19, 2018) (S) (GD)
Pokemon Holiday Hacks
Cursed Version, The Wooper Who Saved Christmas, Valen Edition, Summer Splash & Easter Revolution
Pokemon Hollow Mysteries
Pokemon HotPink Version (GD)
Pokemon Hunters of the Ancients (Beta 0.3) (GD)
Pokemon Hyetology (Beta 1.2) (GD)
Pokemon Hyetology (Beta 1.2 Fixed / 29th July) (GD)
Pokemon Hyper Emerald 807 (v2.1) {English Translation} (GD)
Pokemon Hyper Emerald v4 Ash (17th October, 2019) (CHN) (GD)
Pokemon Hyper Emerald v4 Inevitable (v4.4) {English Translation Patch 1.6} (GD)
Pokemon Hyper Emerald v4.A Invest Vexes {English Translation Patch 1} (GD)
Pokemon Hyper Emerald v4.B VGC 2019 God War Edition (11.09.19) {English Translation Patch 1} (GD)
Pokemon Hyper Emerald Z Destroy Former (v2.96) {English Translation Patch 2} (GD)
Pokemon Hyper Emerald Z (v3.0A) {English Translation Patch 1} (GD)
Pokemon Hyper Ruby
Pokemon Hypno’s Lullaby (GD)


Pokemon Ice Adventure (12th August, 2020) (Pt-Br) (GD)
Pokemon Ice Blue
Pokemon Identity (Beta 1.0) (GD)
Pokemon Ikaru’s Lost Property (v2.4) (GD)
Pokemon Imperial (S) (GD)
Pokemon Impossible Crystal (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Indian Platinum (v1.82) (GD)
Pokemon Indian Ruby (GD)
Pokemon Infernal Legend (Beta 2.1) (GD)
Pokemon Intel Version (Alpha 1.0.2) (GD)
Pokemon Intense Indigo Edition
Pokemon Iolite (Beta 1) (GD)
Pokemon Iridescent
Pokemon Iron Version (Beta 2.1) (GD)


Pokemon Jade (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Jasper
Pokemon Joel’s Bizarre PokeVenture
Pokemon Johto Adventures- Rebirth (Alpha 2.1) (GD)
Pokemon Johto League Showdown (Alpha 1.3) (GD)
Pokemon Jungle (Completed) (GD)
Pokemon Jupiter (v6) (GD)
Pokemon Jupiter (v6 hacksrepairman’s 10th Feb, 2018 Fix) {Unofficial} (GD)
Pokemon Justicieros (Beta 0.5) (S) (GD)


Pokemon Kanlara Adventures
Pokemon Kanlara Classic
Pokemon Kanlara Ultimate
Pokemon Kairos
Pokemon Kalos Crystal
Pokemon Kanto Black
Pokemon Kanto Reformation (Version 0.25) (GD)
Pokemon Kanto Roads (Demo v0.1) (GD)
Pokemon Kanto Z (Beta v0.1.2) (S) (GD)
Pokemon Karton (Completed) (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Kelayapan (Final) (Indo) (GD)
Pokemon Ketchup Version
Pokemon Kody’s Emerald (Final: Better Together) (GD)
Pokemon Korosu
Pokemon Kyanite (Beta 1.2) (GD)


Pokemon Last King (Beta 1) (ITA) (GD)
Pokemon Lavandonia (ITA) (GD)
Pokemon Lavender (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon LeafGreen Advanced {by Mick} (GD)
Pokemon LeafGreen Balanced Alolan Version (GD)
Pokemon LeafYellow
Pokemon League of Legends
Pokemon Legacy (Beta 1) (GD)
Pokemon Legendary Ashes (Beta 1) (GD)
Pokemon Legend of Fenju (Beta 1.0) (GD)
Pokemon Legend’s Red
Pokemon Let’s Beat Mew (GD)
Pokemon Let’s Go Greninja (v0.5) (GD)
Pokemon Let’s Go Mewtwo (Completed) (GD)
Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu / Eevee GBA
Pokemon Let’s Go Red (v2.0) (GD)
Pokemon Life
Pokemon Light Sun (Beta 1) (GD)
Pokemon Lightbolt Version
Pokemon Lightning Yellow {by Shadows} (Demo) (GD)
Pokemon Lightning Yellow {by red} (v0.12) (GD)

Pokemon Light Platinum

Pokemon Light Platinum Mega Version (Completed) (GD)
Pokemon Light Platinum Ultimate (v1) (Pt) (GD)
Pokemon Light Rising (Beta 1.1) (GD)
Pokemon Light Version (Beta 1.01) (GD)
Pokemon Lilac
Pokemon LionHeart (Beta 2.0.1) (GD)

Pokemon Liquid Crystal

Pokemon Liquid Ocean (Alpha 1.2) (GD)
Pokemon Lost Treasure (Beta) (S) (GD)
Pokemon Lotus
Pokemon Lugia’s Ocean
Pokemon Lunar Version
Pokemon Lunares (Beta 1.2) (Pt) (GD)
Pokemon Luola (Beta 1.1) (GD)
Pokemon Luria (Beta 1) (GD)


Pokemon Magikarp’s Adventure (Beta) (GD)
Pokemon Maia (Version Infinity Point 2) (GD)
Pokemon Maize
Pokemon Majora Crystal
Pokemon Marble (Beta 2) (GD)
Pokemon Mario Mon (v1.3) (GD)
Pokemon Mars (Demo v0.1.0) (GD)
Pokemon MasterQuest
Pokemon Master Quest Kanto (GD)
Pokemon Mega Blue
Pokemon Mega Emerald X & Y (GD)
Pokemon Mega Evolution
Pokemon Mega Evolution Aquamarine (Demo) (S) (GD)
Pokemon Mega Flora Sky (Completed) (GD)
Pokemon Mega Origins (Completed) (GD)
Pokemon Mega Power
Pokemon Mega Ruby (GD)
Pokemon Mega Sapphire (GD)
Pokemon Mega Sol X
Pokemon Metallic
Pokemon Metal Red
Pokemon Meta FireRed X and Y
Pokemon Mirage of Tales (v0.1 Pre Alpha) (GD)
Pokemon Mirage of Tales: A New Age Dawns (v2.1 U2) (GD)
Pokemon Mirage of Tales: The Ages of Faith (Kala’s Prologue) (GD)
Pokemon Mirage of Tales: The Ages of Faith (Evandor’s Prologue) (GD)
Pokemon Mirage of Tales: The Ages of Faith (Zhafira’s Prologue) (GD)
Pokemon Mitic Island (Beta 1) (GD)
Pokemon Moemon Emerald (v1.0) (GD)
Pokemon Moemon FireRed (GD)
Pokemon Moemun Emerald Fore (GD)
Pokemon Moemun Emerald Tow (GD)
Pokemon Molten Emerald Reborn
Pokemon Moon Emerald
Pokemon Moon GBA
Pokemon Moon Galaxy
Pokemon MrDollSteak’s Decap and Attack Rombase (v1.5a) (GD)
Pokemon Mutatipo (Beta 0.3) (S) (GD)
Pokemon Mystery 9 (Beta 1.5.1) (S) (GD)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Green Rescue Team (23rd January, 2021) (GD)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Recruit Team (v1.0) (GD)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team Complete Team Control Mod (v1.6 L+Start) (GD)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team EX (v1.2) (GD)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team Kaizo (3rd May, 2019) (GD)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team QOL Changes (v0.9) (GD)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Legend of the Psychics (v1.0) (GD)
Pokemon Mystery Emerald (v1.0.0.2) (GD)
Pokemon Mystery Red (v1.0.0.2) (GD)
Pokemon Mystical (Completed) (S) (GD)
Pokemon Mythic Legends
Pokemon My Ass (Final) (GD)


Pokemon Nameless
Pokemon Nameless FireRed Project
Pokemon Nameless FireRed Project (Alpha 1.03 Unofficial) (GD)
Pokemon Naranja (v2B) (GD)
Pokemon Navis (Beta 1.1) (GD)
Pokemon NavyBlue (Beta 1.0) (GD)
Pokemon Neon Blue
Pokemon NeoSun (Alpha) (S) (GD)
Pokemon Never Black & White
Pokemon New Emerald
Pokemon New Era (v1.0) (Pt-Br) (GD)
Pokemon New Fire Red (v4) (GD)
Pokemon New Gold 2018 (GD)
Pokemon New Gold Era
Pokemon Nidokingdom (Beta 2) (GD)
Pokemon NKP (v1.0) (GD)
Pokemon Noon
Pokemon Normal Version
Pokemon Nova Silver
Pokemon Nusantara (v0.4) (Indo) (GD)
Pokemon NX (v.0.1.0-0U) (GD)


Pokemon OA Emerald (Final) (GD)
Pokemon ObsidianBlack (Beta 3.2) (GD)
Pokemon (Old) Ruby (v1.3) (GD)
Pokemon (Old) White
Pokemon Omega (Beta 1) (GD)
Pokemon Omega Origins (Final) (GD)
Pokemon Omega Red
Pokemon Omega Ruby GBA
Pokemon Onyx Blue (Final Beta) (GD)
Pokemon OOF Version
Pokemon Opti-Y
Pokemon Orange
Pokemon Orange GBA
Pokemon OrangeSun (Beta 1) (GD)
Pokemon Orange Generation (Beta 2) (GD)
Pokemon Orange Islands
Pokemon Orb (Final 2012) (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Orchid (Alpha 1) (GD)
Pokemon Order and Chaos
Pokemon Outlaw


Pocket Gaiden
Pocket Gaiden 2
Pokeluv Emerald (Final 28th March 2020 update) (GD)
Pokeluv FireRed (Full 29th Feb 2020 update) (GD)
Pokemon Palladium
Pokemon Paper Mario Redux (Alpha 1) (GD)
Pokemon Paragon
Pokemon Pekin’s Ruby Hack
Pokemon Penumbra (Beta 1) (ITA) (GD)
Pokemon Perfect Crystal (10th February, 2020 update) (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Perfect Emerald (v2.0) (GD)
Pokemon Perfect Pink (v0. (GD)
Pokemon Perfect Red & Blue
Pokemon Peridot
Pokemon Periwinkle Version
Pokemon Perla (Final Version) (S) (GD)
Pokemon Pikachu Edition (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Pilar (English Beta 0.5.1) (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Pilar (Beta 4.5) (GBC) (S) (GD)
Pokemon Pinball Generations
Pokemon Pink (Beta 1.1) (GD)
Pokemon Pink (v1.1) (GB) (GD)
Pokemon Pit of 100 Trials
Pokemon Pit of 100 Trials – Hoenn Edition (Beta 1.1) (GD)
Pokemon Piter Version (GD)
Pokemon Platinum GBA (Completed) (GD)
Pokemon Platinum Origins (Alpha 1) (GD)
Pokemon Platinum Red
Pokemon Playable Blue (v1.0) (GB) (GD)
Pokemon PokeCrystal Demo (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Pokeverse
Pokemon Poli Edition (GD)
Pokemon Polished Crystal
Pokemon Polka Aqua
Pokemon Polka Aqua 2
Pokemon Professor Oak’s Back Up
Pokemon Prism (Summer 2010 Beta) {Older} (GBC) (GD)

Pokemon Prism

Pokemon Procyon
Project Neo Adventure (October 20, 2016) (GB) (GD)
Project Pokemon Emerald (v0.5) (GD)
Pokemon Psychic
Pokemon Pulsar Version
Pokemon Pyrite
Poke’s Bizarre Adventure


Pokemon Quarantine Crystal
Pokemon Quartz (Completed) (GD)


Pokemon Radical Red
Pokemon Radish (Beta v1.0) (GD)
Pokemon Ragnarok (Discontinued) (GD)
Pokemon Random Sky (Pt-Br) (GD)
Pokemon Reboot
Pokemon Red++
Pokemon Red: Battle Factory (v1.2) (GB) (GD)
Pokemon Red Deluxe (DX) {Easy} (Beta 1.09 H1) (GB) (GD)
Pokemon Red Frost
Pokemon Red Full Color (v1.2 Gen2 Graphics Patch) (GD)
Pokemon Red Full Color Open World (commit c5e2812) (GD)
Pokemon Red: Proud Eyes Edition (v4.0) (GD)
Pokemon Red Rumor
Pokemon Red Star
Pokemon Red Upgrade (v2.0) (GB) (GD)
Pokemon Red Version Emu Edition (GD)
Pokemon Red’s Revenge (MF)
Pokemon Refined Crystal (v1.0) (GD)
Pokemon Resolute
Pokemon Remixed Red & Blue
Pokemon Retrieved FireRed
Pokemon Retyped Red
Pokemon Revenge (Pre-Beta 0.0.1) (GD)
Pokemon RG (Final Version) (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Ridiculous Ruby (v1) (GD)
Pokemon rijonAdventures
Pokemon rijonAdventures X (2013) (GD)
Pokemon Rising Crystal (v1.2) (GD)
Pokemon Rising Red {by aqif} (Beta 2.0/Canceled) (GD)
Pokemon Roaming Red
Pokemon Rocket Red
Pokemon Rocket Science
Pokemon Rocket Strike
Pokemon Rocky (Version 0.1) (GD)
Pokemon Rose Version
Pokemon Royal Emerald (v0.9.5) (GD)
Pokemon R.O.W.E
Pokemon Ruby Destiny
Reign of Legends, Rescue Rangers, Life of Guardians & Broken Timeline
Pokemon Ruby Generation Discovery (Beta 2) (GD)
Pokemon Ruby Renev (v1.2.2) (GD)
Pokemon Ruby: The Prequel (GD)
Pokemon Ruby++
Pokemon Rusty (Completed) (GD)


Pokemon Saffron
Pokemon Saiph
Pokemon Satanic Lavender Town Version (GD)
Pokemon Scarlet (Beta 1.0) (GD)
Pokemon Scarlet Blaze
Pokemon School
Pokemon Scorched Earth (v2.1) (GD)
Pokemon Scorching Scarlet
Pokemon Scramble
Pokemon Sea Green Advance (v1.5) (GD)
Pokemon Sea Temple
Pokemon Secret Diaries
Pokemon Secrets and Rumours (2012 Demo) (GD)
Pokemon Septo Conquest
Pokemon Sevii
Pokemon Shadow Destiny (Beta 1) (GD)
Pokemon Shattered Dreams
Pokemon Shin Red & Blue
Pokemon Shining Opal
Pokemon Shining Victory
Pokemon Shiny Gold (Main + X)
Pokemon Shiny Gold Sigma
Pokemon Shiny Jewel (Alpha 2.01 Fix) (GD)
Pokemon Shock Yellow (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Shrouded Chaos (Alpha) (GD)
Pokemon Shuckle Version (Demo 1.2) (GD)
Pokemon Sienna
Pokemon Sigma Emerald
Pokemon Silver 2.0 (16th August 2020 release) (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Silver 97: Reforged
Pokemon Silver Legend (Beta 1.0.5) (S) (GD)
Pokemon Sinnoh Legacy
Pokemon Sinnoh Quest (Update 2) (GD)
Pokemon Sirius
Pokemon Sirius Minus (25th February, 2021) (GD)
Pokemon Sky Twilight
Pokemon Skyline (Beta 1 Fix 1.3) (GD)
Pokemon Small Crystal Cappuccino
Pokemon Smiley Face (GD)
Pokemon Snakewood
Pokemon Snowy White (v6.0 EX March 26, 2018) (CH) (GD)
Pokemon Snowy White (English Translation) (GD)
Pokemon Sors
Pokemon Sour Crystal
Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies
Pokemon Space World Crystal
Pokemon Spark Yellow (commit cbe11c8) (GB) (GD)
Pokemon Spice (Beta 0.5) (GD)
Pokemon Spirit Emerald (v1.2) (GD)
Pokemon Stadium Advanced (Beta 1.1) (GD)
Pokemon Stardust (Alpha 1) (GD)
Pokemon StarRed
Pokemon Stigma Version
Pokemon Stone Dragon (Remake) (Pt) (GD)
Pokemon Stranded
Pokemon Strike Yellow (Beta 0.4) (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Stronger (S) (GD)
Pokemon Strongest Evolution (v3) (GD)
Pokemon StunningSteel
Pokemon Stygian (Demo 0.015) (GD)
Pokemon Sun Flare (8th Feb 2019) (GD)
Pokemon Sun Moon FireRed
Pokemon Sun Red (v1.3) (GD)
Pokemon Sun Ruby (Beta 0.23) (GD)
Pokemon Sun Shrine (GD)
Pokemon Sun Sky
Pokemon Sunrise Orange
Pokemon Sunset Orange
Pokemon Super Fire Red {Mega In-battle} (Pre-Act 7) (GD)
Pokemon Super Fire Red {Mega Out-of-battle} (Pre-Act 7) (GD)
Pokemon Super Glazed (17th May, 2020) (GD)
Pokemon Super Gold 97
Pokemon Super Heart Red
Pokemon Super Light Platinum (Mod 03) (GD)
Pokemon Super Mega Emerald (08-30-2014 Update) (GD)
Pokemon Super Rising Thunder!
Pokemon Super Theta Emerald (v1.7.6) (GD)
Pokemon Supreme Fire
Pokemon Supreme Fire: Mewtwo’s Revenge (Beta 2 – August 18, 2020) (GD)
Pokemon Suri (Beta 1) (GD)
Pokemon Sweet Version
Pokemon Sweet 2th
Pokemon Sword and Shield GBA
Pokemon SwowS


Pokemon Team Magma Edition
Pokemon Team Rocket Jessie James Edition (Beta 2.5) (S) (GD)
Pokemon TRE: Team Rocket Edition (Final) (GB) (GD)
Pokemon Tempest
Pokemon Terra
Pokemon TDT (The Darkest Timeline)
Pokemon The Corrupted Wishes
Pokemon The Inscription of the Heaven (0017) (CH) (GD)
Pokemon The Last Fire Red
Pokemon The Last of FireRed (June 16, 2020) (GD)
Pokemon The Other Moemon Emerald Port (v2.0 10-15-16) (GD)
Pokemon The Other Moemon Emerald Port {Sigma Emerald} (v2.0 10-15-16) (GD)
Pokemon The Strongest Pure White (v5.0) (CH) (GD)
Pokemon The Tempest (Beta 2) (GD)
The True Pokemon Saga Hack Series
Pokemon The Wooper Who Saved Christmas 2: Electric Boogaloo
Pokemon Theta Emerald (v1.4) (GD)
Pokemon Theta Emerald EX
Pokemon Theta Emerald EX 721 (Alpha 1.1.5) {Old} (GD)
Pokemon Theta Emerald Renev
Pokemon Theta Sun X (Alpha) (GD)
Pokemon Thief Ruby/Sapphire
Pokemon Throwback
Pokemon Thunder {by Ishrak Rahman} (GD)
Pokemon Thunder Emblem
Pokemon Thunder Yellow (Final) (GD)
Pokemon Thunder Yellow (v1.1.1) (GB) (GD)
Pokemon Tioh: The Mark of the Sky (v0.111) (CH) (GD)
Pokemon Timeless Artifact
Pokemon Times (Beta 1.1) (S) (GD)
Pokemon Too Awesome (2Awesome) (GD)
Pokemon Top Secret (Beta 1.5) (GD)
Pokemon Topaz
Pokemon Touhoumon Another World (v1.51+) (GD)
Pokemon ToxicPurple (Alpha 1) (GD)
Pokemon TPP: Anniversary Red (v4.7.3) (GB) (GD)
Pokemon TPP: Anniversary Crystal (v1.2.3) (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Tree of Life
Pokemon Trilogy (GB) (GD)
Pokemon Tri-Color Nostalgia Series (March 6, 2018) (GB) (GD)
Pokemon Troll Version (GD)
Pokemon Turquoise
Pokemon Twilight


Pokemon U White (Alpha 0.3) (GD)
Pokemon Ukemerald (Completed) (GD)
Pokemon Ultimate Mega FireRed (Completed) (GD)
Pokemon Ultimate Mega Ruby (v2) (GD)
Pokemon UltraSol UltraLuna (S) (GD)
Pokemon UltraSol Y UltraLuna (ITA) (GD)
Pokemon UltraTipos (S) (GD)
Pokemon UltraTipos (English Translation) (GD)
Pokemon Ultra Blaze
Pokemon Ultra FireRed (March 14, 2018) (GD)
Pokemon Ultra FireRed XD
Pokemon Ultra FireSun
Pokemon Ultra Mega Emerald 2: The Legends of X & Y (GD)
Pokemon Ultra Quartz – Let’s Go! Blobbos
Pokemon Ultra Red Ultra Green (July 30, 2017) (Pt-Br) (GD)
Pokemon Ultra Red Version Infinity (GD)
Pokemon Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma
Pokemon Ultra Skies (Beta 1 English) (GD)
Pokemon Ultra Violet
Pokemon Unbound
Pokemon Undercover (Final) (GD)
Pokemon Universe (Beta) (S) (GD)
Pokemon Unnamed Open Worldly Fire Red (Beta 0.2) (GD)
Pokemon Unova Red
Pokemon Untitled Unova Game (Demo 3) (GD)
Pokemon Uranium {PC}
Pokemon Uranium (Beta 3) (GD)
Pokemon UTV Red (Completed) (GD)


Pokemon V (Beta 1) {English Translation} (GD)
Pokemon Valkyrie (Beta 1.3) (GD)
Pokemon Valor
Pokemon Vanadium

Pokemon Vega

Pokemon Vega Minus
Pokemon Velvet
Pokemon Venotide (GD)
Pokemon Version Eclat Pourpre (v2.0.0) (Fr) (GD)
Pokemon Victory Fire
Pokemon Vietnamese Crystal (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Violet (Alpha 2.0.3) (G) (GD)
Pokemon Voces Celestiales (Beta 1.1) (S) (GD)
Pokemon Voda Red
Pokemon Volcano (Beta 1) (Pt-Br) (GD)
Pokemon Volt Yellow: Anime Version (20th December, 2020) (GD)
Pokemon Volt Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition (Beta) (GD)
Pokemon Vortex (Beta 3) (GD)
Pokemon Voyager


Pokemon Wally and the Seven Sins (GD)
Pokemon Warped (Beta 3) (GD)
Pokemon WaterRed (April 20, 2018 Update) (GD)
Pokemon Water Blue
Pokemon Whisky Brown (v0.1) (GD)
Pokemon White Gold (v1.4) (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon White Version (Goomba) (GD)
Pokemon WindowsWorld (Beta RC3 Fixed) (GD)
Pokemon Wish
Pokemon Wob Version
Pokemon World Tour (Beta 2) (GD)
Pokemon World Zoala ET Unaloa (GD)


Pokemon X & Y GBA
Pokemon Xeneon (Beta 1.3) (GD)
Pokemon XY: Naturia (Beta 0.4.1) (GBC) (GD)


Pokemon Yellow Advanced 2019 (April 17, 2019) (GD)
Pokemon Yellow Debug (GD)
Pokemon Yellow Gen II (v1.1) (GB) (GD)
Pokemon Yellow Kaizo (30th September, 2020 Release) (GD)
Pokemon Yellow Plus (With Surf) (v1.3) (GD)
Pokemon Yet Another Fire Red Hack {YAFRH} (v1.16B) (GD)
Pokemon Yet Another Fire Red Remake on Fire Red
Pokemon Yuval (15th February, 2021 Alpha) (GD)


Pokemon Z Random Hack (v1.81) (GD)
Pokemon Zandite (Alpha) (GD)
Pokemon Zaru
Pokemon Zei (Beta) (S) (GD)
Pokemon Zephyr (Demo) (GD)
Pokemon Zero Negative (Beta) (GD)
Pokemon Zoala (v0.1.7) (GD)


Other Stuff
Amogus: Sus (v1.0) (GBC) (GD)
Countryball: Catch ’em All!
Desert Bus
Digimon: Escape from Server Island
Digimon GBA (v1) (GD)
Digimon New World (Beta 1) (GD)
Digimon Sapphire (GD)
DragonBall Z Buu’s Fury: The Hard Way (v1.1) (GD)
FireRed Ben 10 (v5) (English Translation v1) (GD)
Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade (v1.0) (MF)
Florkemon Blue (v2.1) (MF)
Mega Chechu 4 (19th June 2020) (S) (GD)
Mega Man Battle Network 4.5: Real Operation (English Translation v1.0) (GD)
Mega Man Battle Network 6: Mega Rock Patch (v3.04) (GD)
Mega Man Battle Network 7: Lost Dimension (Beta 1) (GD)
Mega Moemon FireRed
Moemon Bonds
Moemon 3RdX+ Extreme Battlers (v2.05) (JP) (GD)
Moemon FireRed Revival Project (v2.6.2) (GD)
Moemon FireRed Revival Project (v2.5 + Magikarp-tan Trainer) (GD)
Moemon Forever (v3) (MF)
Moemon Liquid Crystal (GD)
Moemon Sigma Emerald (v1.914) (GD)
Moemon Ultra Violet (GD)
New Moemon Emerald (Feb 2, 2019) (GD)
Plaguemon: Lost Diaries
Pokemon FireRed Ben 10 (Beta) (GD)
Pokemon FireRed One Piece (GD)
Pokemon H (v1.1) (GD)
Pokemon H2
Pokemon Naruto Ruby (GD)
Pokemon Plants Vs Zombies GBA
Pokemon Verde Hierba (Beta 1.0) (S) (GD)
Pokemon Yellow English Translation (NES) (GD)
Pokemon PokeScape (18th July, 2019) (GD)
Ponymon Dawn (Alpha 0.4) (GD)
Ponymon Dusk (Alpha 0.4) (GD)
Po-Ke-Mon! {Yu-Gi-Oh!} (GD)
Randomized Moon Emerald (v0.8) {by Siddharth} (ZS)
Smashmons Spirit Red
Sonicmon Advance (Beta) (GD)
Sonicmon Fire Red (v2.1) (GD)
Touhoumon Purple (Normal 13th April 2019 update) (GD)
Touhoumon Tweaked
Touhou Puppet Play Enhanced (Reloaded) (v6.8A2) (GD)
Yu-Gi-Oh PokeDuel (v2.0) (GD)
Zelda: Sacred Paradox

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