MultiTag 3 Ad Awesome Format – The Ultimate Review

Hi, Here is a case study for those folks who use the Ads to monetize websites via Propeller Ads or other ads networks. MultiTag 3 Ad Format – The Ultimate Review

MultiTag for Publishers

Through this new MultiTag which is launched by the Propellerads that can provide you the best CPM. here you will get the good quality of Ads by adding one tag “MultiTag”

As showing in below images that Propellerads gives a new MultiTag.

Now here is Answer to this Question:

What Is MultiTag?

PropellerAd’s MultiTag is a universal tag or piece of code that publishers can place on their site.

below are the 3 formats of MultiTag.

MultiTag consists of 3 ad formats:

–          Onclick


 In-Page Push

Is MultiTag Effective for publishers?

here may be a question arise in your mind that “is MultiTag effective for us?”
Yes, MultiTag is very effective because under one tag you will get 3 ad formats. it means the chances of your  traffic volumes, ad formats, CTRs, CPMs, Verticals increased in 2x speed. therefore it will boost your income and traffic too!

My Reviews On MultiTag

MultiTag is very advance and too productive Tag which gives you a feature to add 3 ads under one will help you to get more impressions and users on your website in a very less time via MultiTag. I’d highly recommend MultiTag. Here is a screenshot of my profit from MultiTag.


Either you are a new publisher or you are an expert still MultiTag will be a very effective and productive tool for you. I highly recommend to use it on your website and get the best CPM and high revenue.

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