Monetize with Propeller ads network and make money

Propeller ads is the best ad monetization network
Today we will talk about the monetization of your website / app. Therefore, we will tell you about a very big website of the ad network which is limited to Propeller ads. You can say that this is an alternative to Google Adsense. Repetition from propeller ads.

Questions and Answers about Propellerads.

Q: 1)Is propeller ads need domain age?
Ans: No, Propellerads just want a top-level domain and no need of domain age.
Q: 2) Propellerads vs popads in Hindi?
Ans: Propellerads are the best ads media network as compare to popads. Because I used both but the best results from propeller ads.
Q: 3)How send a screenshot in propeller ads?
Ans: If you want a screenshot in propellerads so you can select the image option and send it.
Q: 4) Are propeller ads legit Some people say they doN’T pay?
Ans: Yes, Propellerads is a legit website. These are some payment screenshots.
Is propellerads legit Some people say they doN'T pay?


Is propellerads legit Some people say they doN'T pay?

Q: 5)How to place propeller ads on AMP supported website?
Ans: Yes propellerheads support AMP websites also.

Video From Propeller Ads

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There are a lot of benefits to using propeller ads here. Some of the benefits of choosing are:

  1. Good cpm based on the geo of your traffic
  2. Amazing support
  3. easy to use
  4. Minimum payment is 5 dollars
  5. PayPal payment is also available here.
  6. referral program
  7. Ad types available on the propeller

Propeller advertising is the perfect solution for bloggers who want to monetize their blog or network of blogs. Propeller ads offer different advertising types:

  1. Popunder
  2. Native direct advertising
  3. Interstitial mobile advertising
  4. Push dialogue ads / mobile ads
  5. Banner ads for all standard sizes
  6. Push notification ad

Easy User Interface and Easy Website Verification Process:

Propeller ads account is easy to use and the process of verifying your website is the simplest process. You can add unlimited websites to your account for demonetization.
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🏆 iGaming

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My experience

I am using a propeller on my website and I have made about $ 20 in just 10 days and I am very happy using the propeller advertising network. I want to do something else because I get good cpm from Indian traffic too and daily earning is easily around 2 to 5 dollars.

Referral program

Propeller ads network has a referral program which pays 5% of its earnings. This is a great earning opportunity for every blogger.

The conclusion

If you are looking for a new way to earn and you have an app or website on any subject, I would recommend you to the Propeller ads network and earn easy money. Here is the link to sign up for propeller ads and earn money from now.

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